Invitation to boycott companies supporting the Zionist Occupation

Because I believe in the importance of the boycott movement and its effectiveness in deterring the violations of the Zionist entity against Palestine and its people, I declare the following:

I announce my support to the commercial boycott of products and companies that support the Israeli Occupation and its violations of human rights, including the HP Group.

I call on local distributors and agents of products that support the occupation to respond to the boycott calls and take the necessary steps to deter the Zionist enemy.

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The boycott works!

Effective commercial boycott campaigns are systematic and targeted ones that aim to cause serious pressure.

These campaigns are at the heart of the approach advocated for by the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The movement aims to use peaceful and legitimate methods to pressure the Zionist entity and support the Palestinian people.

It is worth noting that BDS only calls for the boycott of a few companies that directly support the goals of the Zionist entity and its colonial settlement based on apartheid and the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes. One of the most important of these companies is the HP Group.

Why HP Group?

1. HP provides computers to the Zionist occupation army.

2. HP Provides technology that is largely complicit in the detention of Children.

3. HP provides servers used to operate a detailed database for the "Aviv" system, which is the backbone of the systematic racism and apartheid against the Palestinians.

4. HP operates an entire facility for research and development operations in the illegal Beitar Illit settlement.

Here are some examples of the movement's success in boycotting HP products:

1. The National Union of Teachers in the United Kingdom (the largest union of teachers in the country) pledged not to purchase any HP products to support the Palestinian people.

2. More than 1.7 million people signed a petition calling on HP Group to stop supporting the Zionist entity.

3. In April 2018 the City Council of Dublin, Ireland’s capital, voted to endorse the BDS Movement and end contracts with HP-branded corporations.

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